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Coated Steel Wire Rope in Various Colors

As the name implies, coated wire ropes refer to small diameter galvanized or stainless steel ropes which are jacketed with a range of coatings including PVC, polypropylene and nylon. Special coatings such as vinyl, urethane and polyester are also available upon your request. These coatings efficiently protect the inner wire ropes from corrosion as well as reduce tear and wear of ropes and other rigging components.

With robust structure and high breaking strength, coated wire ropes are used as washing lines, abattoir wire, computer security cables, lock cables and barrier ropes, etc.

Coating comparison

Coating Features
PVC coating
  • Low cost.
  • Very flexible.
  • Suitable for general purpose.
  • Better for outdoor application.
  • Any color is available.
  • Harder than PVC coating.
  • Less flexible.
  • Any color is available.
  • Flexible.
  • Hard-wearing.
  • Anti-abrasion.
  • Easy to strip.
  • Suitable for all non-aerospace applications.
  • Any color is available.
Five coated steel wire rope with red, blue, white and black coating

Coated steel wire ropes are available in any color.

These coatings are regularly used to cover 7 × 7, 1 × 12 and 7 × 19 stainless steel or galvanized wire ropes as shown in the following pictures. As your request, coated wire ropes with other sizes of inner ropes can also be supplied.

7 × 7 steel wire rope with brown coating

Coated 7 × 7 steel wire rope

1 × 12 steel wire rope with brown coating

Coated 1 × 12 steel wire rope

7 × 19 steel wire rope with brown coating

Coated 7 × 19 steel wire rope

Types Cable diameter (inches) Finished diameter (inches) Approx. weight per 1000 feet
CSWR-1 3/64 1/16 5.4lbs
CSWR-2 3/32 7.2lbs
CSWR-3 1/8 11.2lbs
CSWR-4 1/16 3/32 9.7lbs
CSWR-5 1/8 12lbs
CSWR-6 3/32 1/8 20lbs
CSWR-7 5/32 24lbs
CSWR-8 3/16 27lbs
CSWR-9 1/18 5/32 34lbs
CSWR-10 3/16 38lbs
CSWR-11 7/32 44lbs
CSWR-12 1/4 48lbs
CSWR-13 5/32 3/16 51lbs
CSWR-14 7/32 53lbs
CSWR-15 1/4 69lbs
CSWR-16 3/16 1/4 76lbs
CSWR-17 5/16 92lbs
CSWR-18 3/8 113lbs
CSWR-19 7/32 5/16 109lbs
CSWR-20 3/8 132lbs
CSWR-21 1/4 5/16 130lbs
CSWR-22 3/8 141lbs
CSWR-23 5/16 3/8 200lbs
CSWR-24 7/16 217lbs
CSWR-25 3/8 7/16 279lbs
CSWR-26 1/12 288lbs

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