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Uncoiling & Unreeling Steel Wire Ropes

Normally, coiling and reeling wire ropes are the easiest method for handling and shipping. But improper unreeling and uncoiling way may cause permanent damages and affect the normal operation of steeling wire ropes. For example, looping the rope over the reel or pulling it off on the ground will create loops in the line. Once the loops are tightened, kinks in the rope will create and permanent damages will occur. Therefore, great cares must be taken when uncoiling and unreeling the steel wire ropes.

Here are the illustration showing the correct methods of uncoiling and unreeling your prized steel wire ropes to avoid above damages.

Unreeling steel wire ropes with the help of rotating shaft

Method one - rotating shaft

Method one - Rotating shaft

  1. As shown in the left picture, mount the reel on a shaft with the help of two jacks and a roller payoff.
  2. Make sure the reel is rotatable.
  3. Hold the end of steel wire rope and walk away from the shaft.

Tips: It is recommended to use a braking device or powered de-reeling facility to protect the reel form over-running.

Unreeling steel wire ropes with the help of unreeling stand

Method one - unreeling stand

Method two - Unreeling stand

  1. Mount the reel on an unreeling stand.
  2. Make sure the reel is rotatable.
  3. Hold the end of the rope and walk away from the shaft.

Tips: more attention should be taken to ensure the rope is under tension sufficient to avoid accumulation of slack.

Unreeling steel wire ropes by means of rolling the reel by hand

Method one - rolling the reel

Method three - Rolling the reel.

  1. Held the end of the steel wire ropes.
  2. Roll the reel by hands as shown in the left picture.

Tips: The more difference between the diameter of reel head and the diameter of wound ropes, higher speed of rolling process the reel will have.

The right and wrong looping way of steel wire ropes

Loops of steel wire ropes


  • Do not drop reels and coils during the handling of steel wire ropes. The drop will collapse the reel and result in difficulty in paying the wire ropes off the reel.
  • Do not allow the rope to form a loop as shown in the left pictures, as improper looping method will result in kinks and permanently damages.
  • Once the rope is kinked, there is nothing we can do but cut kinks out. In this way, wire ropes are shortened and may affect your original intended usage.

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